5 Website Mistakes You Are Probably Making

I get it. As photographers we are creatives. We are artists and we want to showcase our beautiful images to the world in the form of a stunningly presented website. But unfortunately, for many photographers, this can also be our downfall. We make some crucial website mistakes because we are focused more on aesthetics than on what our clients need to see. 

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Are you tired of losing work to cheaper competition?

I must read the same complaints at least 5x a day on Facebook groups or conversations with my industry friends. So many people are stressed about how saturated the industry is and how there are so many people out there undercharging for their services (or shooting for free), and some people are finding it super hard to get bookings. Any poor new photographer who posts in a group saying that they are thinking of offering to shoot their first elopement for free is absolutely ripped to shreds and told that it’s because of “people like them” that other photographers are losing work to “cheaper competition”. Too many people out there are all to quick to jump at playing the victim and blaming others for their lack of bookings.

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The 5 Best & Worst Investments I Made In My Business

Running a business is hard. And especially in those first few years, when you are often juggling running your business alongside another job or parenting. If you’re anything like me, in those first couple of years, I didn’t pay myself much money. I had enough to get by, so I used the money I was making to help grow my business. Some of the things I spent money on were a complete waste of time, but today I thought I’d share with you the best investments I made in my business, and how they helped me to grow and quit my ‘day job’ after 2 years.

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